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Kickstart your career as a Low Code Developer

As a Low Code Developer, you put innovation into high gear. Ready to grow fast? Accelerate your career now in the Codeless Academy. Learn all the essential skills in just 3 months. Check the program details below and kickstart your career in tech.

Your choices make your career

The choices you make today, shape your future career paths. In software development, innovation evolves day by day. If you start your career as a Low Code Developer now, you are taking an important step into the future. Demand for low code solutions is skyrocketing across all sectors.

Are you ready to grow?

Develop the most sought-after skills and open doors to your career in tomorrow's technology landscape. Join the Codeless Academy. Make the right connections.

Bring out the best Low Code Developer in you

After the Codeless Academy, you will be ready for your career in the dynamic world of technology. You will have the complete skill set with both hard and soft skills. From low code essentials to modeller expertise. You also know how to properly handle communication, feedback and planning. After completing the Codeless Academy, you will be able to tackle complex projects with confidence, stimulate innovation in organisations and be an invaluable asset in today's technology-driven workforce.

Codeless Academy

The Codeless Academy prepares you to become a complete Low Code Developer in 3 months. Ready to rock.

Grow fast

Master the most valuable skills in only 3 months

Learn more

Learn from 35+ years of experience in low code

Make friends

Join 100+ fellow-trainees from all over Europe

Feel confident

Powered by collabs with universities (Europe & UAE)

Grow professionally & personally

The Academy program

Codeless Academy was developed by Codeless and compiled in collaboration with low code experts and universities. The first training for Junior Low Code Developers gives you all the tools you need to kickstart your career in 5 phases.

1. Introduction (2 modules)

Get started, set up your workspace and get to know your colleagues and the Codeless culture.

2. Hard skills (4 modules)

Master the low code essentials like UML Foundations, get an introduction about Codeless’ platform CodeX and learn the Modeler skills like Components, Fundamentals SQL, Testing, Debugging, Reporting and UX.

3. Soft skills (1 module)

Learn how to communicate professionally, how to give and receive feedback and how to manage your time effectively.

4. Codeless procedures (1 module)

Learn about our processes and projects. Learn how to speak the internal language and join our team smoothly.

5. Hands-on project (1 module)

Now you can create applications individually and in a team. Time to learn about design thinking and to apply what you've learned in real-world settings.

Learn it the best way

In the Codeless Academy, you learn hybrid. Combine the benefits of personal interaction with the flexibility of online learning and learn the skills thoroughly in a way that suits you.

Classroom Training

Get face-to-face training from experts in the form of lectures and presentations with hands-on exercises.


Get interactive and collaborative sessions on real-world scenarios, situations and challenges.


Learn wherever, whenever online on our platform with videos, interactive quizzes and simulations.

Expert collabs

Join externally provided courses from a university, a specialised training institute, or an industry expert.

Case Studies

Analyse and solve real cases or hypothetical scenarios and learn from real-life or created scenarios.


Put theory into practice by acting out specific roles or scenarios related to your job functions.


Study and learn on your own by reading assignments, books, articles, and other online resources.


Combine your learnings from all modules and successfully complete the Codeless Academy!

Start @Codeless!

Welcome to Codeless! Meet your buddy and your team, and get ready to make an impact.

Meet the Academy experts

To become a pro, you learn best from the pros.

Lucia Diaconu

Lucia Diaconu is an experienced Business Consultant, who graduated from Suceava Economic College and Iaşi University. With over 10 years of expertise in Bucharest, she has worked as a Business Analyst and Consultant at Codeless Technology. She is passionate about education, helping young professionals develop essential soft and hard skills, combining analytical insights with practical business knowledge to prepare them for their career in low code.

Patricia Bertea

Patricia Bertea, a seasoned entrepreneur and university lecturer, holds a PhD in E-Commerce and a Post-Doc in research methodology. With research experience in Vienna, Amsterdam, and Konstanz, she has over 15 years of expertise. In the past four years, Patricia has created innovative projects and events for students, bridging the gap between academia and the business world, blending theory with practice.

Carmen Teodorescu

Carmen Teodorescu, a Trainer, Coach, and Facilitator, brings over 20 years of corporate experience. With degrees in Economics and Human Relations, she founded Soft Education in 2016. Certified in the Process Communication Model® and a member of the International Association of Facilitators, Carmen excels in training, coaching, and career guidance. She is passionate about helping young professionals enhance teamwork, communication, and emotional intelligence for success.

What previous trainees say about Codeless

This is Codeless

Codeless develops standard software for unique processes. We build software solutions that truly make a difference for our customers and their organisations. How? By freeing them from the burden of legacy systems and enabling focus on innovation. With the Codeless Academy, we do the same for our developers. We have built the academy to help you minimise stress, to increase productivity and to make you a happy trainee and employee at Codeless.

Low code, high cheer

Low code means fewer bugs, faster development, and greater innovation. With the same flexibility and quality as traditional development. With low code, you can build almost any application you can think of. Therefore, Codeless developed its own low code platform: CodeX, using the Microsoft Technology Stack and a variety of other technologies. As a Low Code Developer, you’re not just building software, you're building solutions that have a big impact. With CodeX, you can expand, link, or completely renew existing (legacy) systems at lightning speed. Result? Happy clients, happy employees, happy you.

Start your adventure. Enlist Now!

Ready to come on board the Codeless Academy and accelerate your career as a Low Code Developer?

Career opportunities after the Academy

Did you successfully complete the academy? Then the world is your oyster at Codeless. We help you get started at every stage. With good onboarding, your own mentor or buddy, and all the (after)care you need.

Which career path do you choose?


Shape your and the world’s future in tech at Codeless. Grow towards a Medior, Senior, Technical Specialist, or Solution Architect in Low Code.


Take up a career full of opportunities and possibilities at Codeless. Grow towards an Analyst, Implementation Consultant, or Business Consultant.


Let your career and work run smoothly in a management position at Codeless. Grow towards a Coordinator, Scrum Master, or Manager.

Choose your class

Iași, Romania - FULL

July 2024

Iași, Romania

March 2025

Dubai, UAE

Stay tuned for more updates

Note: maximum capacity is 20 trainees per starting group, so enlist fast!

Next steps

1. Screening

We'll set-up a call with you, to welcome you and guide you throughout the process.

2. Online assessment

Take our assessment online, so that we can get to know you, and your knowledge and skills better.

3. Case discussion

You will be presented a case during this interview, which will be discussed on-site or via Teams. If successful, we'll plan the final interview.

4. Final interview

In our final interview, we will discuss the last details of your participation in the Codeless Academy.

5. Join the Academy!

Congratulations, you're in! We will arrange everything for you. So that you can soon kickstart your career full of energy.

What do you bring?

Joining the Codeless Academy is 100% free and you will even get paid. To qualify for the academy, you must meet the following qualifications.

Good foundation in SQL Syntax and Database normalization

Basic knowledge of Object Oriented development and design principles

Customer-oriented, and a focus on teamwork and collaboration

Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Business Information, Computer Science, or similar

Good understanding of UML

Eager to learn and develop yourself

Fluent in English


We're here for you. Please reach out for more information about your traineeship at Codeless Academy.

Contact us by email at

Lucia Trainer +40 759 940 940 Benjamin Corporate IT Recruiter +31 6 219 79 509

Start your adventure. Enlist Now!

Ready to come on board the Codeless Academy and accelerate your career as a Low Code Developer?

University collabs

Codeless Academy bridges the gap between studies and the industry, by collaborating with universities.

Codeless worldwide

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Codeless Emirates

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